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Default Re: My Sunday morning rides

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Have a few pairs of Carharts but I really need to get me one of those helmets like yours Dan, the bike helmet just ain't cutting it with this colder weather and I refuse to wear my full face MC helmet. lol
Man! I had forgotten where I read that Kev, But wanted to say, a bike helmet, cars/trucks think your doing around 10 MPH. With a silly arse helmet like mine, they look 2ce and are kinder! Has a winter "zip/neck thing lol

Originally Posted by try1897 View Post
When I got back I was a bit chilled and came in the door and my better half ( Jeanie) said " You can't tell me you enjoy riding that thing in this weather" I just looked at her with a big grin on my face.......She just doesn't understand I was thinking as she walked towards the coffeepot... What a shame I was thinking but then it hit me ....Her loss not mine............She's right about one thing though , We gotta move to a warmer place.... South of here thats for sure...I want year round riding.!!!!!! Tom
Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I rode all day yesterday, it was cold, windy, gray and dreary and now my *** hurts...

It was freakin' beautiful!
Awesome!! Carol has never got my addiction with MBs. But first rally we went to, she got so in to the social part. We hosted one and I had asked her to run and get us all soda and beer as I could not leave. We had guests. She came back with $200 worth of burgers, hot dogs and snacks. MBer's are fun folks. Carol has still never been on a MB. But if I say there is a party or motorized bicycle rally, she is there and takin' pics'! (You crazy folks really are fun to hang out with)

Know what you mean about warmer. Tryin' to talk Carol into moving on to a house boat. Fla winters, New England summers.
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