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Default Re: Apple juice tank

I found an expired fire extinguisher in my "stuff" and also noticed the shape of a propane tank for a torch that is also the right for my needs. I did some mock fitting and the fire extinguisher is just right for the Worksman paperboy cruiser. I want it to fit lengthwise between the two cross bars. The smaller diameter propane tank is just right for the 1940 Schwinn DX cruiser, also to fit between the crossbars. Posted are photos of both frames with a too small aluminum tank taped into place on the Worksman. You can see what I have in mind, though. The fire extinguisher is the same diameter as the tank in the picture and almost half again as long. Because these need to fit between the bars the filler tube and cap need to be offset and preferably angled upward. It occurred to me that the bullet end of the proposed tanks where the torch fitting is on the propane tank and the nozzle is on the fire X. could be where the fill tube connects. That would save a lot of soldering and fitting. I also realized that even if the fill tube cap was higher than the tank, there would be an air space in the tank above where fuel would enter. Then I had the thought that two problems could be solved with one solution by fitting a small air bleed at the top of the bottom end. It could even be a fuel shut off valve. That would allow a complete fill on the tank and if the bleeder were a fuel shutoff with a short run fuel line coming off and upwards under the seat then you could have a gas cap which actually seals and not have any leaking of gas which I find so tiresome. No air lock since the bleeder valve is there. At the lower end of the tank bottom is where the fuel line and shutoff would be leading to the carburetor. Anybody see any problem with this? The hardest part would be in coming up with the fill tube connection to the tank, the offset bend upwards and the fill tube cap. I think I'll spend some time staring at things in the plumbing and propane sections of the hardware seeing if some kind of fittings look right. I have an old Coleman white gas tank for a camping stove which might give a donor end for the fill tube with a brass no leak cap. It is on the small side, but I'm the one filling my tank and a small copper funnel like for Coleman stoves and such would keep things no drip. I think it could be made to work. And I think the same process could work with either a used Fire X tank or propane tank. For that matter a behind the seat squat propane tank, as used with propane camping lights might make a nice behind the seat tank with pretty good fuel capacity, if nothing else as a backup tank. Rock, do you see what your brainstorm has started here? If my thinking is off, please steer me in the right direction.

Two questions:
First, what are fire extinguisher chemicals and would residue of some sort create a problem for a gas tank? How could one flush it thoroughly?
Second, if soldering is involved how much better is it to use a butane pencil torch as opposed to a propane bottle type of torch, which is what I have? Is there any reason for me to invest in a pencil torch?
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