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Default Re: My first of Many : Iron Pony

No plans to use that tank, it is a bit to big and bulky for my tastes... though i did mock it up.

A side note, I cut the catalytic converter out of the exhaust. I actually had no idea there was even a cat in this thing at all... i stumbled upon it because I thought there was a clog in the exhaust due to the canister blueing after 5 minutes of riding. Very large improvement for a muffler that doesnt really function at all as a expansion chamber....

Yea, about the chain tension bracket... thats getting scrapped as soon as I figure out a real permanent way to mount it. the rear coaster brake rim is going too as soon as I get a disk brake rim... the crap rubber mount is going too as I cant seem to get 0 deflection on the sprocket, the chain keeps popping off randomly.

THe mounts I used are to soft, the motor torques around a bit, I need to go to high grade polyurethane bushings.

Im going to start building a REAL expansion chamber this week, and then let the porting and blue printing begin. (the downside I just realized is Ive been working with large bore 700-800 cc 2 stroke motors for so long I forgot I dont have any porting tools that fit in these small displacement motors... I have to go buy some... ugh.)
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