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Default Re: Apple juice tank

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I love it...Very cool. If you ever do another one consider flaring the end of the tubing before you solder it in the tank. Put the flared end inside and it will give you more surface area for the lead to fill around. Please give us photos of the finished, and upholstered tank. Good post, my friend. Thanks, or....tanks...
Tanks Tom

In the one pic looking in the big hole you can see the flared end of the tube with a nice flow of solder around it. I flared the tube first and tried to squeeze it through the spout to get it into position with a long pair of tweezers but alas I got frustrated and just cut a hole in the end and fed it through that way. Probably a good thing I did make a work hole in the end as during the soldering part of the job the pencil torch ruined the coating they put on the inside of these cans and it was flaking off...after soldering I wire brushed it all real good to clear off any of the damaged coating.
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