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Default Re: Fender Vibrations.

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i run fenders on all my bikes. it looks like (to me, anyway) that your fender struts are pretty cheesy. plus, they've got a lot of extra parts to rattle around. i usually use WALD fenders, that are heavy duty, and have been around for a hundred years. they still make them, along with struts and other brackets.

here's a link to a place: Fender Parts | BikepartsUSA.

i've heard of people using undercoating spray paint on the insides of them, too. i think i'm gonna try that out on my next one.

just make sure they don't come loose, or you're OTB.
If you must use fenders, use GOOP on and around all brackets...very strong, i also use Goop on the motor mounts and around the mount bolts after install...great product...strong and flexible...Dennis
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