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Default Re: Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

Thats great, hey I'm a little slow (!), could you clarify ?

When you say "check your size", does that mean e.g. if I had a 9mm stud I would use a 9mm helicoil and a 9mm allthread ?

I have never done this. What size drill do I use to drill out the old threads, relative to the stud I had (my e.g. is 9mm above) ? And I am guessing an allthread is what I would use to thread the hole with, why would I even need this with a helicoil ?

I though a helicoil provided threads just by the way it is structured, do you also have to thread it ?

A little more explanation would be GREATLY appreciated. And one other thing. I suspect getting the jug OFF isn't too tough, but putting it back on are there any "gotcha's" ? Seems to me, way back when I was a kid, you had to do something to compress the rings on the piston.

Sorry to post this all here, but I don't want to break the thread. Maybe it can be reposted somewhere else later.

Thanks for your help

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