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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

i ordered a 32 tooth sprocket and an adapter from jim on september 22nd. i got it today. the problem is, i spent all day putting another bike together YESTERDAY! i mean, i figured jim woulda known that i needed it YESTERDAY, not TODAY! SERIOUSLY!

jim, couldn't you sense my frustration at putting another rag joint on a wheel, when i coulda been putting on this friggen amazing looking piece of aluminum in a fraction of the time? don't you care about me? doesn't the customer always come first?

why didn't you get out of bed a little earlier, get down to the post office a little earlier, and mail me the goddang thing?

sheesh, i'm never gonna buy another one of these from jim again... lazy bas****.

(in case you didn't notice, this is sarcasm. from order to my door in 11 days. no questions, no problems, no worries. and this thing really is beautiful. thanks jim.)