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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

From my 46 years in business I've noticed the biggest complainers are people who buy a $75 engine off e-bay then cry because it doesn't run like a Honda.

If anyone thinks Jims parts are late arriving or they can do better, take that part to your local machine shop and tell them you want a price on two of them in two weeks.

Then rush home and order a bunch and sit back and wait for them before Jim and his wife get tired of the constant sniping. If you can't do it, give the people who can, credit.
Want it faster stay off the phone or ask if you can volunteer to man the phone so they can keep working.

If the machine shop would do it for you I can bet the price will scare you so bad you will be a week getting back to reality.

I worked in that very enviroment. Getting machinists to make products so we could produce ours. Today it's a lot less hand set up but that has come at a very high price.

Jim you and your wife are to be thanked by all of us. All you folks have done is buy yourselves a job.
Yes I'd put in the high speed equipment and tell everyone the price increase. Free's you up to do other things and eases the stress.

At double the price the workmanship and quality are a bargain.