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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

Jim has a monopoly on a CUSTOM hub adapter that WILL fit your hub for under $50 with a sprocket not hub adapters in general.

If you don't like Jim's product or business practices go on ebay and buy one for $60 that might fit/ might fit with shims or will fit after you pay a machine shop to make it fit and bolt it to the sprocket that came in your kit.

I like the attitude that Jim is holding the motorbike community hostage by not producing his products in a "timely" manner, no one is forcing you to buy from Jim so if you don't like the way he does business use the rag joint.

I for one understand not everything can be done in a set schedule and things get delayed. Would you rather that Jim spend down time maintaining his equipment or contacting every single customer to tell them there will be a delay? It's not like he has a multitude of minions that do the machining while he just sits back on a pile of adapters and laughs at all the poor motorbikers that he's making wait around for their products.

And guess what I've never ordered a hub from Jim but I plan to and I'm willing to wait for the quality work that he does and if you whiners piss him off to the point he throws in the towel before I order my adapter...