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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

I would like to chime in with the things Jim may have been too modest to mention...

Quality and customer service.

It's one thing to order a mass produced part and expect prompt delivery, no doubt there is some warehouse filled to the rafters with cheap parts made who-knows-where so if there is a delay you know someone is slacking. It's another story entirely to get such high-quality, custom parts made for you specifically and made by someone doing it mostly because they like to build things.

That's a craftsman, a rare breed these days.

Jim's work borders on art in comparison to most of what else is available, you should be thanking him for providing what he does. Any monopoly he has is because no one else is making what we need in the quality we would like. This means being patient. I'd hate for him to stop making what he does just because it became a thankless chore.

Oh yeah, and when was the last time you could talk directly with the person responsible for making a part for your toy in any case? I for one don't speak Chinese and I doubt Jaingyan YuanDong mfg. would want to hear from me anyway. This is another reason to have a bit of patience.

edit: I would like to mention I don't have any affiliation with his business, I don't even know Jim personally. I feel I've simply pointed out what should be obvious. Having ordered parts for projects in other "niche markets" as well as being responsible for making them I know how rare people like Jim are and how thankless a task it can be dealing with impatient customers.

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