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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???


I know you mean well, but until you have had first hand experience in manufacturing you could not possibly even begin to fathom what is required.

I don’t mind constructive criticism…not at all…but it rarely is. It’s always the usual misinformed blah blah blah, which never addresses anything.

You tell me how:

Do I increase my prices so that I can guarantee a quick turn-around for the 1-2% who want it? Was I wrong in assuming that price is important?

I’ve never had anyone call and say "If I pay you $100.00 will you make me an adapter and sprocket, Right Now”.

Should such a small percentage drive the show?

You tell me guys…do you want me to increase the price for a quicker turn-around…If 100 people tell me they will order sprockets & adapters at double the price if I can turn them around in 48 hours I’ll do it! It is possible to turn them around quick, but you are going to pay for it…not me.

Tooling is expensive…high speed tooling is “Really” expensive. I could add another CNC machining center…the production speed would increase 10X…so would the price of the products. There’s your economics lesson.

I do not slough around in the comfort zone of a monopoly. The fact that no one else is doing it does not mean I have a monopoly. I’m sure several have looked at it…if they have any sense at all, they’ll quit while they’re ahead.

At this point in time, motorized bikes are a niche market. The demand, (read volume), for custom parts is not such that processes in a manufacturing facility can be taken to another level. If I was getting 100 orders per week, I would revamp the process and add another machining center to accommodate the volume. This in turn would drastically shorten production lead times.

What’s important guys? Price or availability…you can’t have both!