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Default Re: Hello from chrisnbush in Richmond NH

Yes, I have thought of that - but if I did it it would be a fall project. I want to ride the bike, don't want to strip it down now... At this point, my brace is a temporary solution.

I have looking at various ways to rethread. One is called a helicoil - you insert it. Otherwise just drilling out the threads and threading oversize, right ? My concern is, where would I get oversize studs of this length ? Probably not a standard size. Could I use threaded rod, do you think - that might make it simpler. I have never had the "jug" apart so I am just guessing that the studs are not threaded in the middle section, just the top and the bottom. If so I might have to drill the bottom, middle AND head pieces so the oversize would go through.

To make it economical, I would prefer to drill it myself. I have a drill press. If I have to take it to the shop, plus the cost of some custom studs (if this would be necessary), plus the cost of a rethreading device, seems almost cheaper to buy a new engine. I am a little concerned about my ability to get the holes straight, although a 1 size up drill bit might just guide itself through if I leave the clamping on the stock a little loose.

What do you think ?
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