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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Good grief!!!

I have absolutely no idea why I keep doing this!!!

Quality parts, at a reasonable price, that no one else in the motorized bicycle world is willing to tackle. Custom made to order too!

Kevron...what incentive do you offer in your post that would make me want to design some new cool stuff for MB's?

Jim, (Mike???)
This is the issue at hand. Maniac Mechanic has a virtual monopoly on the custom machine production of parts for our hobby. He creates things that we demand, but he manufactures products for other businesses too.

If we want to get the products faster, someone else has to step up to the plate and offer to machine parts for us. As long as there's only one guy doing this, he'll take his sweet ol' time because he knows there's no serious competition.

Jim, that's why you keep doing this. There aren't any abstract thoughts about competition as you work to create parts for us (so you work less quickly and less efficiently than if there were competition). You know that the orders will come in even if customer satisfaction isn't that great in regards to turnaround time.

I wish for Jim's machine shop business to do well, but...
Someone has to say this. It's basic economics.