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Default Re: Mike Mechanic Business Practice???

Originally Posted by Waterfowl View Post
Don't lie about when you will ship your products!!!!!!!!!!!!

All your troubles would end if you were honest about shipping time!!

This always comes back up and you disregard the fact that you do not ship when you say you will!!!

Just say it takes 6-8 weeks and then everyone will know when to expect the part.

Don't say "Goes out Tomorrow!" if it will not. How hard is this to understand?
The word lie doesn't really apply here. It insinuates that I knowingly pass out false information, which is not true.

I make a guess based on time available and where any given order is at the time the question is asked. There are too many variables. Delayed material shipments, hardware suppiers who are waiting on stock, worn cutters, machinery maintenance/breakdowns...etc, etc.

Some days we are left alone and we get a lot done. Other days I spend far too much time on the phone...I have spent countless hours helping people who have not even bought anything from me.

I don't feel the least bit guilty or troubled by any of it. Statistically I'm at 1% maybe 2% in terms of dissatisfied customers. I think I'm doing o.k. 1 or 2 out of every hundred is to be expected in any business.