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Default Re: What kind of mountain bike for a bike engine?

It is a very tight squeeze and I did make the manifold which was easy enough. I also did some grinding on the air cleaner(shaved off the teeth on the bottom) and changed out the float bowl(Dax engine) this carb had a drain on the float so I swapped out with another one off one of my bikes. I also had to use the dremel on the clutch cable mount trimmed it to clear the float bowl. And I drilled the frame for the front mount. The exhaust is also bent a little to clear the frame. O yes I massaged the rear frame where the top chain run is. A hammer and brass punch and a beating fixed that. I also had to change out the brake, derailler front and rear derailler cables. They were on the top frame rail. last was different straps to mount the fuel tank.
Performance wise no change found using a short manifold all tho this bike isn't broke in yet. I plan on selling it so some lucky person that just has to have one. I've had a bunch want it but no ones came up wit the cash yet.
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