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Default Re: TollyFab MK2 MOD01 - first bike

Originally Posted by T0lly View Post
Great forum here, has helped my first project greatly.
The TollyFab MK2 MOD01
I started with a Grubee Skyhawk 66cc kit. Bike is a Schwinn Skyliner. I had planned to use a Trek 820 but it was too small and needed frame mods to fit. I was skeptical when I ordered the kit, but it has met my expectations. I quickly threw this together a couple days ago and have some tweaking to do. I had to modify the intake and move carb to side to clear the frame. The bike has grip shifts on it, so I couldn't use the twist throttle. I robbed a thumb trottle off a mini atv I had in the shop. The Muffler would not clear the pedals so I cut it off and will relocate. After the first test ride I am hooked, these are a blast. I have a small metal fab shop and look forward to making some custom rides. So here is a sneak peek of my first one, more to follow.

I just re-installed my carb minus the modified intake.....simple clockwise rotation of the carb at 37 more bullcrap long intake with lots of linkage....INSTANT throttle response....I apologize for the misleading information regarding both yours and my issues regarding the build on our far it has worked FLAWLESSLY......snapshots to follow....yes they are a tight fit but I did it with simple handtools and NO machining at all......just a heads up that not everything you read here in the forum is gospel.......I was just bored and decided to see what would happen.....


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