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Question Re: I HATE Michigan!!

Originally Posted by robin View Post
Dont get depressed!! go out and buy fully studded Nokian tires-at least they will extend your season-i usually dont run in snow but you can get CHAINS for your bike!! and then run in snow--we only get a few inches of snow yearly.
I used the blue smily emicon because you will get cold if you dont dress well
Well, as stated in the earlier posts; I'm now a 58Y.O., stroke surviving, arthritic ol' phart now, so, cold weather "fun" is no longer an option.
"...not all Canadians live in igloos..."
(never said that.) In fact; I was born & raised till the age of 15 in
Birchwood Alaska. (N E of Anchorage)
Trust me when I say; I'm fully aware of the fact that those
who live in Canada do not live in igloos. I've known LOTS of
igloo dwellers in my life & NONE were Canadians.
No flaming here. Just sayin'.
Live long & ride hard my friend.
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