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Default Re: ultralight/moped anyone?

Yeah, mine was a "Frankinplane" - the previous owner (of some of it anyway) was also self-instructed and in the process of teaching himself he stalled at 200' or so - panicked and kept pullin' up on the stick.

The MX "parachuted" down, luffing the wings and hitting the ground hard enough to scare the guy into not flying anymore. The airframe was pretty trashed and it was a few years before I found it so all the Dacron was wasted. The wings had torn anyway so that didn't matter.

It did have a beautiful, brand new performance engine so I simply built a new MX around it lol I liked the older MXs with the "spoilerons" - (that 2 & 1/2 axis control lol) cause they were lighter and faster than the later full aileron jobs, I also found they lent themselves well to my style of flight - I could stomp them both and have sorta-flaps. Mountains, valleys, short field landings, and tree lines were the name of the game flying in Vermont lol

I had a crazy 'ol crop-duster as a "flight instructor" - with more flight time than gawd, that great, nutty, and very VERY patient ol' fella started my education with touch-and-goes with hammerheads at both ends, sayin' that it was far better to learn "emergency techniques" first than boring old pattern flight. We'll skip right past that "abject terror" part O.O

Louisana's miles and miles of open fields sounds like a paradise for ultralight flying! If there's anyplace self-education would be forgiving, it'd be there and w/a MX lol But yer right - it's a bit of a fool's game without a teacher to show you the lil games planes play.

*sigh* I'd love to get back into it, but man oh man it takes ALL yer time an attention do do it right lol. Do you hope to get back flying?

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