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Default Re: First day commuting on a ChinaGirl

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Sweet man! (not that she died on ya, but that yer commuting lol) how long is your trip?

I love commuting on my MB, getting out the door to go to work has never been easier
Sorry, never answered your question. Is 5.6 miles one way. Most in city traffic. Really need to do 35 MPH. Have ordered a new GB for the Honda. Awesome engine. Not a fan of the GB. I brought the old one to a machine shop and am having helical gears made for them. Should work way better and lose the noise.

The GB cost around the same as a Chinagirl but I enjoy them a lil more for distance trips and heavy traffic. Is funny how dependable the engine is but not the GB on a 4. If there was a way to marry the 4 smoker with a 2 stroke GB, wow. My old 4 stroke GB could be heard well over the engine. Hope this works. would be great.

Car is still DOA but for the low, low price of $1400, can get her back on the road. Gonna need some Carhartts soon! Might be on a motorized bicycle for the winter, lol.
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