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Well as i sit and wait for my motor (error in shipping from piston bike) i have time to respond to the excelent feedback from my fellow forum members.I started this thread becouse im sure im not the first person to try to think of a way to keep building bikes out of a passion for this hobby. its made me reflect on my motivation and im convinced that im doing the right thing.The question of liability is huge....a deal breaker even....but im told that if the recipt says"used as-is condition" perhaps even for off road use only i should be fine.
I'm glad Venice said " dont slap one togeather" becouse thats the last thing i would trying to promote the use of these bikes on this island...they need to be safe,reliable and accepted by the drivers on the road (I've seen them a bit starteled by a bicycle going 25+ mph) they are for the most part extremely courtious even supportive....lots of thumbs-up. We need an alternitive to mopeds that cost upwards of $2'500 bucks
I plan to build a 66cc bike (law says under 30mph is a moped nothing about displacement) with running lights front and rear and a brake light....perhaps turn signals in the future....the best motor i can them for a tank or 2 to get them dialed in and as per excelent carful who I sell to
Im starting with a brand new bike so i can be sure all the components are fresh....and if i can manage not to fall in love with the bike....i hope to start a trend here ,where transpotation is getting more difficult in these economic times...again ill keep you all posted......J
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