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Default lights for your motorized bicycle?

I'm thinking about making a poor boy light kit for these bike by making a moulded headlight out of fiberglass and a led taillight. I'll supply the headlight bucket and bulb and the led taillight. You would have to finish the headlight bucket housing and all wiring and the mounts and switch. Mainly to keep the cost down and all the parts I would have to buy retail and as you can see I will not be making much and spending a lot of time knocking out fiberglass headlight buckets. I have this set up on 2 of my bikes and they work very well but only work when the engine is running. Or I could do a series of posts on how to make your own which for me would run into being a pain . I did the posts on another forum and people wanted to use everything except what I spec out to do and use. I lost interest and quit answering the questions as the answers were already in the posts. here's a headlight but not in fiberglass.

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