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Default Re: I HATE Michigan!!

Originally Posted by crzyolphart View Post
It's BELOW 50 degrees, I'm looking outside, The ONLY THING
that gives me any joy, is; The AWESOME colors of the leaves
on the trees. (which will soon be on the ground) I've got work to do today.
I've got to drain what's left of the gas in my bike, start it up, run it dry,
and bring it in the house and park it on a diaper till "spring".

I'm officially depressed.
I have a winter bike that I transfer my motor over to and it's a blast I just dress light and warm.-takes skill and experience to winter ride,but is it ever fun!!!For winter ridding, tires is everything. I have best tires in the world For the rear I use Tioga/Psyco2and Pana racer pyros for front I use Premolar 1
Winter is when ridding becomes fun!especially on motorized bike
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