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Default vacumm leak???

So i think i have a vacumm leak some where, when i pull in the clutch to stop at a light the engine revs and it takes a sec to idle down, when it does idle down its to low, so i adjust it to where i want it, and when it comes to stopping again it idles way high, i know that when i choke a warm motor it cuts the air intake which results in killing the engine, but this one idles higher when i choke it warm, i have rtv on the intake and the carb and dont beleive this is where it is, if anyone has had this problem i think it is coming from the carb slide cap or ??? I bought a can of carb cleaner this morning and will attempt to spray it once it cools from my recent ride, this motor still runs really strong and smooth so what ever it is has to be very small.
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