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Default Re: I HATE Michigan!!

Originally Posted by crzyolphart View Post
You ride year round in Colorado??
OK ... I've got it ... You're MADE of ice!!
(I applaud your integrity) I, however, am
disabled and arthritic so that option is beyond me.
Come get mine. You can keep the cobwebs
blown out for me.

OH! OH!! Go bucks???
(no way dude) GO BLUE!!
30's?? Cam, yer depressing me further!
That's too close for comfort!
I was going to agree with crzyolphart, until you said you had arthritis. Even the slightest chill can make your bones ache. I feel for you. I have a messed up knee from the army and some other aches and pains. Anytime the weather changes or the humidity shifts down here in Tejas, I feel it.
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