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Default Re: Super Simple Tacho

Nope - I jus like 'em and there's folks like this;

Originally Posted by bandito View Post
Isnt there a tac you can just hook up to the cdi or plug wire to work?
I gotta point out that these awesome bike engine kits @ $150 really skews a budgetary perspective - I've fallen victim to that myself lol

Gawd - I remember buying both marine and real aircraft parts, if you want truly outrageous prices lol Even just actual motorcycle bits really can put a hurt on the 'ol wallet!

edit: Despite all my going-on bout TinyTach, I still haven't gotten one fer my bike yet. If ya could manage to dig up a link or two for these "$10 tractor tachs" I'd be more than happy to check 'em out - not like I wouldn't mind savin' a few bucks myself lol, I've just NEVER seen a $10 gauge worth buyin'

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