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Default Re: 2-1/2 HP Horizontal OHV Gas Engine

sfeland Is using this on his recumbent

"I did have to machine a part to be able to fit the variator on the Harbor Freight motor shaft), and the centrifugal clutch with the spring loaded pulley is used on a 150cc scooter. The shaft is a 5/8" shaft so a Comet Torque converter should work. The 1st drive belt I use is for a 250cc scooter. That should help keep the maintenance down a bit! The final drive was a GEBE system but the bike and I am too heavy and the motor is too strong for the lightweight belt as it lasted about 200 - 250 miles even being very careful. The final drive I use now is the Whizzer drive wheel with a machined V-belt pulley on the Jack shaft. Today commuting home from work coming down a slight hill with some help I was able to get the bike to hit 37.2 mph. Cruising speed is 30 - 32 mph. Someone asked what my gear ratios are... They are GOOD! Seriously....... I will check that out when I have a bit more time and let you all know. I do have a GREAT power band for a heavy bike and I am not lacking power at the top end at all. I do live in Chandler and normally have Monday's and Tuesday's off so if someone would like to check the bike out a bit better, just let me know. So far I have about 1400 miles on the bike, about 80 with the new motor and the rest with the good motor I just took off. So far.... knock on wood, I have had absolutely no trouble with the current setup. It is an ideal setup for commuting.... IMO. Best wishes, watch out for the crazies and stay safe on the road!"

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