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Default Re: Longer coil wires

Originally Posted by stv1jzgte View Post
Um i ride everyday! about 40-50km my bike is a peice of s--- unpainted and the frame is bent but it goes without trouble sorry crabs without trouble
Also its quite clear most do solder ( gas or electric ? )whateva but if you really wanna use the std fittings thats fine with me.
Sorry if I insulted you. Apparently you've had good luck with those igntiions unlike myself and many I've done bikes for. I got a pile of bad magnetos and couple of CDI too. On the other hand I've never had el cheapo connectors fail in a way that can't be fixed in a few seconds with needlenose.

I do lots of soldering (it's my profession), but not out in the field, and not with one of those butane deals which I never found very useful.
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