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I'm inclined to agree with noco lol - I hate "winterizing" as it seems that it's just a guarantee to have a beautiful day and being unable to ride cause my machine is "pickled" o_O

I'd just leave it alone if you possibly can and just take it out and fire her up once or twice a month. Long term storage is one thing, but a single winter isn't going to varnish anything. The oil might settle out of the fuel a bit - but that's nothing a good shaking wont fix.

I've had all sortsa seasonal toys, and this fascination with "winterizing", fuel stabilizers, and basically prepping a machine for "long-term" storage when it's most likely only going to sit for no more than a few months (and I live in Maine BTW) continues to puzzle me.

Fuel stabilizer? geez - it's like 1/2 gallon, dump it out and get new stuff come spring. These "stabilizers" are mostly to combat condensation/water in the fuel, if there's no fuel - it's not a concern. It's mostly BS hype anyway. Drain the bike, carb too and that way should you wish to work on it in the dead of winter you wont make a puddle, if a nice day happens - fill her up and take a spin!

If you DO insist on archiving yer bike, saving it as a time capsule for future generations - there's a product called "fogging oil" used primary in marine engines when they're put up for long storage. Drain the system almost completely empty (w/o any magical fuel "stabilizer"), take the air filter off and while the motor is running - spray small quantities of fogging oil into the intake.

You'll need to rev the motor while you do this as the oil doesn't burn well, just continue to do this till you run out of fuel (about 3-5min worth). You'll see why it's called "fogging" oil when you do this BTW heh. If at any point yer motor refuses to continue running and wont restart - yer done. Drain any residual fuel out of the carb, and if yer real concerned - wipe yer bike down clean and hit it with a spray lube like PB Blaster (like WD40 but far better). It'll be a mess to clean come spring - but you defo won't have any surface corrosion.

Having said all that - I still wouldn't (and don't) bother. A single season isn't long enough to hurt yer machine in any way. Don't believe the marketing hype - just remember to play with yer toy once in a while

Now road salt is another prob entirely, but that's an easy prob to fix by just washing the bike heh MY plan for when the winter becomes WAY to hostile to ride is a simple tear-down and rebuild of the whole bike, examining, lubricating, replacing, and/or modifying as I go - what else to do in the long, cold dark?

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