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Default Re: Winter Storage

obviously, drain the gas tank. what i'd do, is spray the tank out with carb cleaner, then keep it somewhere away from humidity. you'll still probably get some surface rust, but it'll clean right out.

take the carb off, drain it, take it apart, and clean the whole thing with carb cleaner, put it back together, make sure it's dry, and seal it in a ziplock bag, and tape it to your handlebars so it doesn't disappear. wrap and tape plastic over the intake on the engine so nothing falls in.

you might want to flip the bike over, or suspend it so the tires are off the ground. this way, when they go flat, they won't start to crack prematurely. if you're really worried about your tires, take them off and put them in garbage bags. (used to do this with race car tires. kept them from drying out.)

the main thing is to get all the gas out, fuel lines, filters, etc.

or, get some studded tires, and some carharrt overalls, and ride it year round.
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