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Default Re: Water in magneto casing.

AHHHHHHH! WHAT THE HE L L!!! I start the engine, drive a bit down the street, seems fine. Get to the corner, clutch. Idling there, while I'm sitting there, maybe 30 secs. a lot of white smoke coming out of muffler. I rev a couple times. And engine just dies. I come back home, try to start, no fire. Mag is brand new, not wet. Take mag cover off, inspect for fuel, it's dry. I roll the bike back and forth to see the magnet spin, everything is fine. I leave cover off, try to start it, it fires! I'm at the bottom of my driveway, lots of white smoke at idle. I rev a couple times, engine sticks at a higher rpm even though I've released throttle, then dies in the same manner. I let it sit again, did nothing too it, and when I tried to start it again, it fired. I pedaled it back up the driveway still idling, revved it like crazy, awaiting it's failure. But it didn't fail! I rode down the driveway, engaged, and drove around my street a bit, up and down hills at full throttle. Engine didn't die, but my kill switch will not work. I made sure it was wired, and secured it very well with electrical tape. Ground is still attached to frame too. So I used the clutch to kill the engine, and now it sits, working, apparently. So, it started, died, started, died, started, and lived. I'm so confused, I don't know what to make of it. Any thoughts?
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