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Default Re: 48cc ban?

i just spent the last hour over at, looking into this. the only bans i found were on certain lakes and parks, for snowmobiles and boats. i live in california, so unless i ride up to Mt. Wilson (which i just might) i'm not to worried about the snow, and if i ever plan on jumping my bike into a lake (which i doubt i will,) i'm not too worried.

there were a few proposals about running catalytic exhausts on two strokes, but they were all dated 5 or more years ago, and my motor has a catalytic converter. at least that's what the directions say.

the boater sites my search led me to were kinda interesting, they said older motors would no longer be able to be sold (new,) but they didn't see a problem with that, as boats are making strides to make better motors anyway. their major concern is polluting our waters and killing off fish.

there's not too many fish where i ride, unless you count all the sushi restaurants, so again, not worried.

i don't have any experience with motor distributors. maybe they have some kinda secret knowledge, that goes back to my "hidden conspiracy to outlaw fun" by the secret government. or the freemasons. who knows.

if i was getting motors from a distributor, i'd ask him for some kind of proof. if they can't sell them to us, he must have some sort of official document saying so. there's no way a businessman would give up because of hearsay. if that worked, i would call walmart headquarters and tell them after 2010 they are no longer allowed to sell anything not made in america.

now that i've done my own research, i'm not gonna worry about it. i don't think the supply is gonna dry up. if it does, i'll just ride around making "VROOM VROOM" noises with my mouth, and remember the "good ol days..."
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