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Default Re: 48cc ban?

if you google "2 stroke ban" you get a bunch of outdated forums from years back, that read exactly like this one. all panic, no proof.

then there's the dirt bike guys, all saying the same thing, too. but they're worried they can't ride around in the forest.

there's the boaters, and they're scared, too.

and a few states that banned them from lakes, cities, and forests.

california gets the most hits, and the searches turn up the ban on gardening, which was basically glossed right over. i remember when that was supposed to go into effect here, and it got quieter for a few days, but my gardener still has a two stroke.

(and, as a side note, i ran out of gas once, gave some gardeners 5 bucks, and got enough premix to get me home.)

it's strange that there's all these chicken littles running around screaming "the sky is falling!", yet there's not one post by any governing body, any government agency, or anything even remotely official sounding posted anywhere.

unless there's a huge conspiracy involving the secret banning and a tactically planned, hostile two stroke engine confiscation, i wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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