Thread: 48cc vs. 69cc.
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Default Re: 48cc vs. 69cc.

I'll probably get kicked of this forum for saying this but here I go...
DO NOT BUY GENERIC (no name) engine kits. You get what you pay for. Sorry but it's true. Too many people try to save money and go for the cheaper brand kits. I'll get a deal off ebay. Remember some people do not care. All they want is your cash. There are brand name kits that have been in the market for a long, long time. Why? Because they stand behind their quality engine kits. Go with a brand name. Spend a little extra money. You get what you pay for. Generic engine kits are good for nothing.
If you have a problem with your engine kit, you want someone who will stand behind it, not charge you for shipping when you break a part on the install.
Buy brand names only. Generic dealers are after your cash and nothing else. Go with the people who have been in the business for awhile. Brand name people have more invested in business and want you to be happy. They're in it for the long haul.
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