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Default Re: has anyone tried e85 yet?

E10 is not known for doing damage to plastic and rubber components in the short term.
It will however do damage in the long term.
E85 does the same only much quicker.
Any E10 or E85 will harm gasoline resistant plastic components, nitryl rubber seals and o-rings, ect.
Any water it may have absorbed will attack aluminum components, and give brass parts a green finish.
It will also attack and remove cream or paint type gas tank liners as well. That is another reason why all modern gas tanks are made of plastic. Any water that may accumulate in the gas will not corrode plastic.
I have seen the damage E85 does myself.
I have seen and read many studies regarding what it can do to antique and even just older car and motorcycle engines.
There is a reason why modern fuel injected systems use alot of stainless steel and silicone or silicone based o-rings and seals. They are resistant to the effects of Ethanol content.
The plastic parts used for E10/ E85 systems are not the same type of plastic used for gasoline either.
Do the reasearch, educate yourself.
Better yet, go to your local marina and ask the mechanics there what it does to the older boat engines!
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