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Default Re: Longer coil wires

Well, I guess I'm a freak too then lol cause I not only have connectors, I put a set on both ends to facilitate swapping out parts/harness, spucked em with w/e that goo is called to keep water out (common on marine applications, jus spacing the name atm), and covered em up with the 'ol heatshrink.

Came in handy when I thought I had an ign prob

But then o'course I've built a bunch of harnesses from scratch for applications far more complected than this, so mebbe its just a habit. I still plan on scavenging some proper connectors (box & pin) when I find a set I like/dead motorcycle w/e.

I'd hate to hafta cut the wires every time I wanted to tinker or change somethin' o_O
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