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Default Re: Longer coil wires

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Hoooo..Kaaayyyy... so you really do that?

If connectors are corroded they should be replaced with new ones. However soldering the entire ignition system together sounds... well... uhhh...

I carry spare CDI and magneto but rarely find a convenient place to plug in soldering iron out in the wilderness.
Ive said it 5 times others have to what part are you not gettin, so yeh i really do that! so do alot of people here and you still have not given a reason as to why its sooooo baaaad its 2 wires?

Plug in a soldering iron?? Gas bro!

connectors like them and the coloured one's are complete crap

I dont carry a spare anything let alone a cdi lmao In 9months (and i ride it every day 40km) i have never had a cdi problem magneto or any wiring problem. and i dont get stuck in the wilderness.
I guess this is just for me.

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