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Default Hello from good ol' orlando florida

New to bicycles with motors but not bikes or motors, need some help if there's anybody experianced around here that can help me, I bought a bike off a guy, he had broke it in on 20:1 and ran it a couple miles at 32:1 after break in, got bored, So I bought it, everything looked good test ride was great got home, Needs work, the carb was gummed up, so i stripped it and cleaned it, the frame appears to be a little big for the mounts and the opening is a little tight (possible transplant later) other than that, tightened up all the bolts and re-tourqed the head, changed the stock china plug for a ngk bmp6r leaned it out all the way, still rich, (I now know needs be re-jetted) But the tensioner was hittin the spoke, didnt seem right to much play, so I shimmed a spacer to take the play out, straightened it up and then on my next ride, **** the chain, twisted off into 3 pieces wraped around the hub between the sprocket and spokes, so now I need a new chain and tensioner, and a smaller jet, cus i dont have the tools to solder and re-drill the stock one, so where is the best place to get parts? Anybody local who is willing to help a noob?
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