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Default Re: Road bike was good, but returning to another mb.

It definitely was abandoned. It was left lying down, where the bus shelters are. No lock, no chain, so the owner likely ditched it, and took the bus. Probably some kid who broke their chain. Who knows really. This bike can actually be bought for like $99, just a Canadian Tire Supercycle. Some stickers are going to come off, and the seat, handlebars, brakes, and tires will also be changed. I'm hoping to fit my 26" full frame suspension front forks on this bike, so it's not so rough. The bike will look very different, so even if someone stole and ditched it, it won't be recognized. I hope it's not stolen, the situation seems to be an abandonment. I saw two other bikes that night, abandoned, but one was full frame suspension, and the other was a girls 24" with a folded front tire. lol. I was out for three hours, combing the city. I honestly don't what the story is with this bike.
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