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Default Road bike was good, but returning to another motorized bicycle.

Hey guys, so, as you may or may not know, I had my engine originally installed an an old ccm mountain bike frame. I had many problems, but the final blow, was a broken frame. It snapped completely, right where I drilled for the frame adapter. So, I walked around the city, and eventually found an old 10 speed, made in france, 1970. Worked great, but I can't seem to get my sprocket centered on this rim, and I can't pedal all the way around. The 10 speed failed because of the sprocket. It stripped my chain tensioner, and loosened my chain. (While riding) The chain hit the engine casing, and one side of it broke. (#41 chain) As I only have one more chain, (meant for my centered 48t mountain bike tire) I didn't want to shorten it for the 44t on the 10 speed, since my problem is the sprocket, I'd just ruin that chain as well. I need to use my motorized bicycle tire for now, because I can't seem to center the other one. So, I went out again, and after 3 hours in the pouring rain, I finally found a bike. It was abandoned at the local mall, laying unlocked with no chain. Luck was on my side, because after the long walk home in the rain, I was awarded the pleasure of an amazing riding bike, after installing a chain I had as extra. So, here it is, as I found it. I'll be removing all of the stickers, so it's just all red. I have a full frame suspension bike also, I wonder if I can use the front shocks on this bike. Not sure if the diameter would be the same. Well, here's some pics, I'll keep you posted!
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