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Default Re: With all the talk of alternative fuels lately...

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if you did that it would be sick becuase a simple carb modd could make it run on veggy fuel
what... a desiel carb??? there fuel injected....ships still run 2 stroke desiels....i dont see any reason that we couldnt modify a motor to do this except the crank itself...that thing is gonna have a way longer throw and we are still gonna look for the same rpm' way it would shatter itself got to remember that the only things that make an engine redline is the weight of the lower end and the throw of the crank....i realy do apreciate the idea...i started a thread for gearheads like us..."future of riding"....this is all about people like us throwing out our ideas at each other for constructive love to have you in that thread...**** i cant go a day without tearing my own ideas to pieces....not to knock you down...that 2 stroke desiel could work but you will really have to gear for it...i dont know if a china girl head or jug could handle that kind of compression or combustion pressers(or temps)....come on join this thread....lets have fun
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