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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

No they are actually all broken but not so bad that they can not be fixed, I have a pile of wheels and other parts. The blue one had bad wheels the spokes were all loose and pulled out. I have never seen a good bike left in the park, just junk. They used to make people register bikes in Cali. but I suspect it took too much time, my Whizzer is not registered ether. You can tell if a bike was ever registered it has the sticker on it, I have not seen a sticker in a long time. I got a sticker on my JC Higgins back in 57 but that was the last one I did. I bought two new Electra's and spent over 500 bucks and only got the receipt from the credit card, I wonder if you would need one to register a bike? Have fun, Dave
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