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Default Re: What's in your tool kit?

Smokes hahah
An assortment of open and ring spanners
Metric and imperial allen keys
Spark plug, intake, head, exhaust and jug gasket
Inch pound torque wrench
Complete set of crescent screwdrivers ( I am a comms tech and this is my spare set )
Puncture repair kit
Spare tube
Fold out kingchrome knife with razor and serated blades
Cable ties
Rain coat
Spare batteries for my twin P7 SSC lights and a dual charger

I think thats about it. This all fits in the front pocket of my back pack bar the rain coat and doesn't really weigh that much. If I have just replaced or upgraded a component I will usually carry the replaced item for a few trips just in case. I really should carry a rag or work gloves as I have been caught out before and ruined a perfectly good pair of fox gloves refitting a chain.

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