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Default Re: what are your wishes for the future of riding

i dont think they are actually going to outlaw 2 strokes...but they have been forcing other industries that produce the ex snomos to make them cleaner...i just dont think that these primative engines will stand a chance to emission regulation...but thats not all bad...with some simple improvements they can run cleaner, longer, be more efficient and more powerfull...i dont see the regulators asking for cats yet...the fist improvement that id like to see is variable spark timing...that thing that we are calling a cdi is really just a coil pack...have you ever noticed that a 50cc scooter is more powerfull than our 66cc and its on a heavier thinking that a good part of this is due to variable spark timing...being able to retard the spark at low rpms and advance it at high would allow us to get a more complete burn...i have an extra cdi from an qmb139(china scooter motor)but i dont have a 4 stroke china girl...ill look tommaro for a 2 stroke cdi...these cdi's use an external coil pack...if i remember right all they have for wiring is a b+ b- coil power and ground and a magnito power and ground for a tack signal...the only thing that worries me is how much voltage comes from our magnito and what comes from a scooter's magnito...whats your guys thoughts...does anyone know the magnito output???
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