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BarelyAwake: I haven't checked the plug at all. I'll do that today. The airflow was definitely reduced, so I guess that would make it richer, just didn't think about it. But first thing is to just fix the flow problem. I'm gonna get something with good flow, maybe a proper filter instead of a sponge. Also, I've looked at how other sponge setups are, and I did mine wrong so that it would have restricted airflow anyway. They are supposed to be setup so that the hose into which air flows directly after the sponge is set back a little so that it's sucking on a larger surface area than just its own diameter, but mine wasn't like that. So for example, whatever the hose is connected to should widen to several times the area of the cross section of the hose to allow the surface area of the sponge on the side where air is exiting the sponge to be as large as the surface area of the sponge where air is entering it, otherwise it's like a funneling action which would of course be restrictive. As for the support, you're right. I'll take care of that and rig something up.

Blakenstein: I was thinking more along the lines of turn signal fluid, what do you think?
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