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Default Power Loss

I`ve finally broken down so many times, and repaired the problems to where It`s not breaking down constantly. After abusing it some more, my back wheel rubbed down to the threads and bubbled out in one spot, So I did some work to it. When I get it back up, I pushed it real hard for 30 miles
straight It felt like it was running good, but half way through the ride it felt sluggish. Ever since then it has slowed acceleration and a reduced speed of comfortably 40, to comfortably 30.

The following Things where performed on the bike during the repairs, that may have contributed to the problem:

1, switched from semi-synthetic Lucas to walmart brand super tech universal 2cycle engine oil. (ran out of lucas) both 32:1 premix.

2. installed new back tire, changed tube from regular tube with fix a flat to slime heavy walled tube adding estimated 5 lbs. from tube.

3. straightened rim repairing 4 spokes, at bike shop. The guy that did it tightened the axle or something, he said something was loose.

4. ?????

5. Profit

Also the gas was about a week old since i was repairing it. That week the bike sat dry. Anybody got links to basic maintenance threads? maybe something needs greases.

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