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Default Scrapyard score!!!

Took a load of junk to the scrapyard today and as I'm tossing things out of the trailer I spy a rim with a drum brake in the pile, I start climbing through everything and there ended up being 3 moped rims, 1 front and two rears. Grabbed the front and one rear that had sprockets on both sides of the hub. The other wheel was a little strange, sprocket on the right and a belt pulley on the left that had a gear reduction in the hub, left that one 'cause I couldn't think of a use for it.

Guy out in the yard said some guy brought in a Honda moped to scrap but they wouldn't let him leave the whole thing because the tank was part of the frame so he stripped it right there.

Phone was dead so I'll have to get pics later.

The rims look to be 20", spokes are badly rusted but all I'm thinking of is salvaging the hubs and possibly re-lacing them into some 26" rims if possible.

When I went after the rims they yard guy says "Uh oh, he's gone from scrapping to shopping!"
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