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Default Re: 48cc ban?

I think you guys are getting caught up on the law=speak of it. The probability is that they ARE against the law, but the police force doesn't see it as a reasonable law or worth the hassle of pissing off their locals and having to haul away the bikes + the inevitable paperwork. They are borderline illegal here in Michigan, with ANY motorized vehicle (even under 48cc) needing a full lighting and signal system and registration with the state as a moped.

I have an insane next door neighbor (the county sheriff has been here for her 30 times in a 2 year stretch) and the local fuzz here have seen my bike, sans lights or signals, 66cc, and asked to ride it themselves.

There always is and will be a disconnect from what politicians make law and what is truly enforceable.If 2 strokes in the states ARE going the way of the dodo, I'd love to see the task force they're gonna have to put together to confiscate every weed whacker and chainsaw here in the US...
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