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Default Re: muffler/noise

Well Salty, I'm not complainin' - I fixed it lol TBH, If I could have the stealth of an electric with the range and power of a 2smoker I would

I dunno about lokerman, but I'm not interested in other people *****in' bout how annoying it is that I ride my bike past their house everyday. I'm really not interested in having my ears ring for an hour or two after I'm done riding.

I'm not sure about what you guys think, but a strung-out two stroke does not have that sexy hemi sound lol It's a pissed off chainsaw no matter how much you love it

An interesting effect, I stopped at a yard sale last week and one of the guys there says to me "You used to ride past my house everyday, what happened?" I said " I dunno what you mean - I still do." Now - he wasn't complaining, he has a Harley with straight pipes but I think you get my meaning heh I'm not worried if you guys wanna pull the baffles outa yer mufflers or whatever, but I figure the only thing that could piss people off with these lil motorized bicycles is the incessant noise... including myself

lokerman - sounds like the "sponge" you used could itself be too restrictive, is it a proper air filter sponge? Did you oil it? Try the Briggs & Stratton w/o oil and see what happens, if it is running a bit too rich you could always adj. the carb to match. Also - make sure it's not squished in there, any "crushing" of the filter element reduces it's ability to let air through it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you did need to adj. the air/fuel tho - the stock "air filter" might as well have not been there at all for all the good it did. Part of why I made mine was to get a better/more effective and weather-resistant intake.

I'm a lil worried about the PVC's weight on the carb and manifold, is it supported so its not all on the carb? I can see why you used it though as my carb was already canted out - I had no probs running the tubing. I wonder if yours is quieter though? Also - I worry about water gettin' in yours, do you ever leave it out/ride in the rain?

It's crazy how much noise comes from the intake on these things eh?

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