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Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
If you could come up with a way to move the mag coil a bit either way you could do that.
i did think about something like a vacuum/centifical advance like an old distributor would be tough but not impossible...with all the technology out there i wouldn't be aposed to putting a battery in to run an ignition module....the primary ignition has so much resistance that it wouldnt draw much...v/r=a right

wow actually this wouldn't be too hard if i knew about making electronic gismos...the magnito is already supplying a tack signal...all thats needed is a map(manifold absolute pressure)sensor to show engine load, and a tps(throttle possition sensor)for some reactivity...these sensors ar just potenciometer(spelng sucks) pretty basic...but wait we wont need the tps...the intake is so small that the reaction of the map is gonna be just about instantanious...sorry about explaining my acronyms but people in this country cant agree on terms from coast to coast cant imagine how messed it could get world wide...sorry to get off topic guys...i got some thinking now to keep me busy at work tommarow..

wow...add an o2 and you could fuel inject one of need for a cam sensor,CID,crank angle what ever you call always a compression or power better stop thinking about how to build this if im gonna get some sleep tonight...

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