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Default Re: My First Build...

another big thing is make sure all your shyt is tight. I had the same problems on my first build, and it all was due to not pulling the rear wheel tight enough which led to drag, the pedal chain skipping on it's sprocket (which led to a $100 changeout on the crankset for no good reason) and worst, shredding a tire due to the engine tugging and pulling the wheel's alignment off. Switching out all your nuts with nylon threaded ones or using locktite is a good call too, as otherwise you wind up rattling off screws left and right during your ride.

Another thing is to use Opti-2 for your synthetic oil. You can get it at most mower shops these days. One pack to One gallon of gas (i use premium) and it rides like a champ. I just did my latest build with this fuel mix and the thing is running like a dream..
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